Silva/Belfort possibly off?

Fuckity fuck

no BS replacements, if Chael can't take it have Silva move up to 205 or reschedule the fight.

I cant beleive anyone would RATHER see Sonnen/Silva.

Still none of the US MMA sites reporting this.

It'll be real interesting to see what they do now. Most likely I could see them moving back the fight back a month or two.

we better not have to wait another several months for anderson to fight again. put him in an interesting lhw fight for now

smth416 - 
Still none of the US MMA sites reporting this.

Kevin Iole twittered the news plus has it on their site.

Here's Kevin Iole's article on this.

 I bet Nates kicking himself in da ass!!

epwar - $50 says Anderson and Ed refuse who is offered to them.

I'm not trying to be a dick, but who have they refused in the past?

I have seen them complain about certain matchups in the past, but have they actually REFUSED a fight?

Chomas - Brian I hope you are wrong about Randy fighting the Spider. I'm not interested in that matchup at all.

Yeah I agree I don't care if it's against Akyiama or Marquardt I just wanna see Silva defend his title. By the time of the fight it will have been about a year since his last defense.

I wasn't 'questioning' Tatame, for the record. I just don't know anything about them. confirmed

thi sucks, was really looking forward to this fight....what now? Leben, Cote or frankilin are NOT worthy opponents...Ed Soares needs to shut his trap and stop trying to hand pick fights for Anderson. Fuck it, put sexy yama in there with the spider

Come on, really. I was totally looking forward to this fight. Who else will fill in for Vitor if he can't go? Or I should say, worth watching Silva fight at 185.

At least Sonnon gets his shot.