Silva doesn't think anyone can beat Adesanya at middleweight

Do you agree with the middleweight legends assessment?

Any middleweight in the UFC, or all of MMA?

I have Gegard Mousasi winning that fight.

Also, why hasn’t a wrestler been able to take down and keep down Adesanya? His TDD is better than Silva’s, but how is his ground game?!

Didn’t he lose to Blacz?lol


Get real


Logan knocks him out within 2 rounds

that division is super weak right now

This mother fucker just confirmed he is orcus. Lol at Moose doing anything with Israel.

The most I’ll give him is he might go the distance but only because he isn’t decided he wants to actually fight about half the time.

At middleweight guy, middleweight lol.

You stupid bitch.

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Is it possible to block user and dont see his messages? The lion king is actually annoying bot

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