Silva has zero respect for the UFC and the fans

He can land at will but he chooses to dance around like a faggot. Fuck him.

this was seriously 2xs as bad as the Thales fight

Fuck him in his ear.

RedCoat - He's a paid fighter not entertainer.

He didnt fight or entertain tonight.

His crazy shouting made him tired he was taliking like crazy like in a trance.......

Dump move at all to react like that.......

classless asshole

P4P SHIT!!!!

faggot crybabies

give the man some competition

Putin - faggot crybabies

give the man some competition

how about a track for him to run around while making faces?

 If I were judging I would have given the last three rounds to Maia for aggression alone.    Hard to win a round when you are spending the whole time running full speed away from your opponent.

Fuck Silva. Tonight was ridiculous from the very start of the fight. Clowning is one thing, if you are going to engage. But Clowning and not doing anything unless your opponent engages is shit. Pure shit.

Silva = not P4P there goes that UFC marketing ploy.