Silva/Sak II opinion, Enson...

Well Saku not only survived during the fight. He showed that he could take Silva down and control the beast. The gullotine was deep! If Saku had jumped into the guard....Silva would have been in serious trouble. Lifting him in the air and jumping back to slam Saku on the mat was IMO a last resort move. One thing that caught my eye is how elated Silva was after he was declared the winner. You don't get that happy after a fight you controled or after a fight that you knew you were going to win. I saw his emotional celebration as the amount of trouble and concern he had about the fight before or during. IMO during.

Well, perhaps Silva knew this was his true test or that it was finally belt time for him??

He did look at lot more happy than the first time when he kicked Sak's ass.

I was kind of suprised to see Silva that happy, I thought he would have liked to have finished Sak again but a win is a win I guess.

So, why didnt Sak jump to guard I wonder???

Thanks Enson.

Sakuraba is not a guard person. In fact he hates the guard.

That's what I was thinking, that although the round was almost over, he didnt want to be on the bottom if he didnt have to from the guillotine.


Enson, if you have chance to answer this, dope!

Well, its all said and done and I dont want to see another rematch (at this time) but what are your thoughts on the fight, seeing that it was included on your top 5 fights.

I say that there was no real edge and that the fight was only beginning. Sak's takedowns were timed perfectly, people seem to overlook that. They say he just stalled on the ground or held on for dear life. I ask when has Sak ever been a g'n'p specialist? He usually creates or waits for an opportunity. And neither him or Silva took huge chances in that round but still mounted offense.

Silva impressed me with his controlled aggression, he still hunted Sak on the feet but not wildly and held off Sak quite well on the ground. That arm bar attempt? It looked great but I think Sak was with it and Silva wisely choose not to extend for fear of giving Sak a scramble on the ground. Why should he take a chance on the ground in round 1 when he will have his chanches to chop on the feet later?

But Sak too impressed me, he was every much in the fight as Silva and held his ground standing, the takedowns he had off Silva's strikes were perfect imo. And he feinted the M.Chop, he went at Silva's legs after Silva missed a chop at Sak's legs while Sak was in butt scoot, he went for the guillotine...and Silva countered nicely.

I have to say that Silva won and thats it but still doesnt anyone seem unsatisfied that the biggest rematch in MMA history ended in an injury that we (or me anyways) have never seen before? And the fight was only getting interesting.

People say that Silva showed he is too strong and big, etc but I dont think anyone can say that from watching the second fight. Sure the guillotine counter was nice but it dont mean that much to pick up a guy who's doing that, does it?

Anyways, if you actually read this, thanks, and I am totally interested in your comments on this fight.