Silva vs Arona for the title!??!?!

Holy crap!! I know I haven't been following the sport as close as usual lately but when was this fight announced?? Just read on the Brazilian Beat at that they're fighting for the title on the December 31st show.

I think if Silva fights like he has in the past he can beat Arona this time around.

Silva said he realized the whole "careful strategy" thing is not for him, and that he learned from the Arona fight that he needs to go with his strengths; i.e., going nuts on people.

Did Shogun not win the title?

Shogun won the GP title, not the MW title.

Arona by boring LnP again.

"I think if Silva fights like he has in the past he can beat Arona this time around. "

unless he fights the same way he fought arona last time presumably.

If Arona takes him down, Silva has nothing.
If Silva pulls guard, he has no guard game against a grappler of Arona's calibre.

Arona JD and the title.

Mabye this time Vanderlei will try and scramble instead of holding on

Maybe. Wanderlei has never done that throughout his entire career, though. Whenever he gets guard, he plays a Royce-like BJJ game.

Well if he's gonna do that then I'd at least like to see him throw more strikes from his back, as he's done in the past.

He not only punches, he boxes from the bottom. He does all of boxing upper body work.
He has landed about as many strikes from his back as the lnp master has from the top in their GP fight,

silva will perform better this time, but goddamn arona still may take the title:(

Silva should train with Gomi for a while and learn what a sprawl is. I give Arona full credit for his ability, but if Silva can sprawl then his knees will take care of the rest.


Arona by leg kick...

Silva was awful timid in his last fight, and whenever he tried to open up,
he got taken down for his trouble. I'd like to think that Silva has more to
offer Arona and I'm glad he'll get the chance. Arona's a tough customer


Floppy you did'nt know this!!..Some fan you are!!

Go back and watch the F'n Queens!!


Even Tito admitted in that Sherdog video interview that the way to beat Silva is to take him down and lay on him. Which is what Arona will try to do.

Silva by rape.

I dont think that it was so much Silva being timid as they were BOTH just being respectful of each other and not trying to make a mistake. Both seemed like they wanted to draw in or counter the other.

Arona did well in kicking Silva down and he did stay busy on Silva on top with some good GNP but never once attempted to pass, which is fine but...

Yeah, I think Arona proved he can win again because it is possible that if Silva comes at Arona more that leaves himself more open for the takedown but of course, he could catch Arona aswell.

If Arona wins by GNP, fine but lets just hope them BJJ trolls who cry each time a wrestler does it at leasts calls it what it is.

Shogan basically beat him by fighting exactly like Silva normally does, so hopefully he'll just go nuts and kick his ass in 2 minutes. I like Arona, but the axe murderer is the a lot more fun to watch.

I actually would rather see a rematch between him and Hunt and/or CroCop. Also, I would LOVE to see how Silva would do against Fedor!

in 2006 arona is the champ!!!

sfm sees the future