Silva vs Ortiz

Is it crazy to place a 100 on tito…he’s +550…idk Silvas chin has had its moments n Tito has dropped people, by haymaker but, he doesn’t have to worry about Silvas kicks or clinch…idk just seems like a possibility.

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silva just beat like a super-middleweight ex-champ in chavez jr. tito’s standup has always sucked hard. i think +550 for tito is generous, he should be like +3500…

Tito will throw punches while looking away, thats how crazy it will be

No chance Tito beats Anderson

I’m just watching for the freak show. Silva should win. Tito’s wing chun comment was hilarious.

If losing a 100 ain’t a big deal to you, why the fuck not. Makes it more exciting

Does Tito even have a jab?

You don’t need a jab when you have a cracked skull bro