Silva vs Sonnen 2, no...GSP, no...Jones, no...

I would like to see him move up and face Shogun. Shogun KTFO of Machida so how about Silva move up in weight and "revenge" that loss for his buddy.

Who cares if it isn't for a title? I like the idea of seeing one of the greatest holding two belts but it would tie up each division. I don't think Silva vs Jones is the answer.

Silva vs Shogun on FOX. Make it happen Dana! Phone Post

I'd love to see Silva vs. a good wrestler like Sonnen again or Davis @205. I think he will have horrible time. Sonnen made him look like he has huge holes in his game.

He was "hurt" in that fight.

Rashad and Jones need to fight each other. Sonnen is going to get KO'd by the USMC. Davis isn't on that level yet and hasn't earned his place in that line yet. Phone Post


Nobody agree? Phone Post

 Anderson vs. Shogun is great, ando vs jones is a dream

Pipe dream maybe... Jones is awesome but he hasn't earned that privilege yet. He needs to defend his title at least ONCE before even getting a chance at Silva. Phone Post

I hate Jones and Silva and I think Jones would destroy Silva with complete ease.

dfw jr says no Shogun. He needs to reconsider. Phone Post