Silva will lose I'm 100% sure

I love Wanderlei, but he simply has no chance of winning the Grand Prix. He is definitely the underdog versus Cro Cop, and not only has to stage an upset to win, he needs to also stay injury free.

If he's lucky enough to be injury free, he will likely be more damaged than the winner of Barnett-Nog at least.

Whoever wins that fight will have a very easy time against Silva. Barnett will simply throw Wanderlei around like a rag doll.

Nog will take Silva down with ease, and probably submit him with an armbar or choke from Silva's back.

Now Silva certainly cant knockout Barnett, but I think he doesnt even stand much of a chance KO'ing Nog either... Nog's got a helluva chin and has taken way harder shots from Fedor than Silva would hit him with. So even if Silva gets past Crocop (probably with a gift decision from the notorious Pride judges) he can not KO either final opponent.

Wanderlei Silva has 0% chance of winning the GP, and anyone who disagrees is a Silva nutlicker. Fuck Silva at this point is a big underdog to Chuck "Frankenstein" Liddell.

I assume you have been listening to Beatdown. So what would you say about Gross point that if Wandy gets past Cro Cop he is the #1 LHW in the world for sure, because he doesnt think Chuck would beat Cro Cop?

But he'll make it exciting even if he goes out and isn't that why we love him?

;) Go Wanderlei!

...but for money I'm swaying towards Nog to wins the OWGP.

I see silva getting his ass beat really.......imo.....

Vand already kick Mirko's ass. This time it will be a ko.

I think Silva has the edge over Mirko for sure.

He has a better chin, heavier hands, better submissions, and infinitely better cardio. Speed is about equal, accuracy goes to Crocop.

Really, the only way Crocop can win is by high-kick KO, and he hasn't stopped anyone with that in like two years (I think), and certainly never came close in the first fight with Silva. Silva can win by KO (punches), TKO (the usual assault of knees/stomps/soccer kicks), submission (unlikely), or decision (I have to assume he'll outwork Mirko due to superior conditioning and greater aggression).

"So what would you say about Gross point that if Wandy gets past Cro Cop he is the #1 LHW in the world for sure, because he doesnt think Chuck would beat Cro Cop?"

Just because one guy can beat some dude and the other guy might not, doesn't mean that the guy has to be ranked above the guy who can't.

However obviously this would gain Silva some large points. I still have Silva #1 LHW, so the point is moot anyway. And just because I have Silva #1 doesnt neccessarily mean that he's a favourite against Chuck.


"Where will you be betting your life savings?"

Show me a place where I can bet on Silva losing and I will.

Anything can happen in any fight. Wanderlei is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, he has the skills to beat anyone. None of the fighters that are left in the grand prix have a great chance to win it, all of them are top level fighters and could lose to any combination of oppenents left. If wanderlei wins, I wouldnt be suprised at all, hes just as good as the rest of the guys left, just 10-15 pounds lighter.

Well maybe not the GP but I see him beating CroCop, or let me rephrase that. I dont see CroCop beating him by KO so heart will come into play and thus Silva will win in my book.

Let the record show I was 100% correct. :)