Silva's toughest opponent ever!

In this month's Grappling magazine Silva is asked who his toughest opponent ever was and he replies "without a doubt Dan Henderson he is one tough guy.....anyone who fights him had better pack their lunch and a couple of snacks. He'll stay right in front of you, come right at you, and not back down an inch". TTT for one of the feircest competitors that MMA has ever seen. TTT for the man they call "Hollywood"!!! Let's get this guy back in the ring or octagon!

not vitor? not tito? hmm dan almost had it won at 1 point, but he buttscooted alot too. thats not "standing right in front of u"

Great fight. Massive amount of heart shown in that one.

Come on Max Power just because you lose a fight doesn't make it your toughest fight right? The Vitor fight was a flask KO, Tito ran from Silva, but Dan just kept going like the energizer bunny! He did the same thing in the Arona fight, one of the most entertaining fights in Pride ever!

Tito's lay n pray was definately tough for Silva to deal with.

I admit Vitor beat the living piss outta Silva! But there is no doubt in my mind that Dan is 100 X's the fighter Vitor or Tito is.

Dan should be ranked higher than Tito and will be ranked higher than Vitor (once Vitor wimps out or loses to Couture at 49).

henderson is still the man to beat at 185

henderson can be that man at a few weights....did i mention he is a fuckin pimp.

Yep, the way he destroyed Busta, right after Busta had given Rampage all that trouble.... damn impressive. Down @ 185, noone can touch Hendo.


no doubt he killed busta...

"Henderson is 100X's the fighter Vitor is."

LMAO!!! Please. Dan is a tough SOB and may be the man at 185 but Vitor would open up Dan's head.

"LMAO!!! Please. Dan is a tough SOB and may be the man at 185 but Vitor would open up Dan's head."

Busta and I disagree.

hendo rules!

You know when Silva has to resort to fouling people to win he has to be tough. Wonder who second toughest is ? Mezger? He had to foul him to win too.

Silva probably is too big for Henderson nowadays. In an interview in swedish "fightermag" recently, Silva said he's 225 before cutting for the fight.

Henderson is the man! My favorite fighter.

Mezger took it to him as well...that was a great fight...props to the former King of Pancrase and UFC champion for going toe to toe with the axe murderer

Hendo is the next King and will take over Randy's place when he's gone.

wanderlei is correct