Singing a New Tune: Why Cotto Beats Pacquiao

The fight went as I thought it would...until Manny scored the second knockdown. Cotto was never the same after that shot.


Cotto is one tough guy, but he was dominated tonight. I really felt bad for him in the late rounds. Heart of a champion though.

 Pacquiao looked great last night, but wtf is wrong with Cotto?  He looked like he gassed by the 3rd round, and his punches didn't have anything on them.  And I hate to say it, but Freddie Roach was beyond right; Joe Santiago does not have enough experience to corner championship fights.  What was the gameplan?  Where was the strategy?  I think Cotto needs to kiss and make up with his uncle if he decides to continue on with his fight career.

 we were wrong dawg!

I thought Cotto looked good, and was actually worried for Manny those first few rounds as he was taking some very hard shots.

But once Pacman hurt Cotto the fight turned in his favor and it stayed that way throughout.

sparky204 - Boy bet you wish you could rewrite that article again huh.

Not at all.

That was the best Pacquiao we've ever seen so props there. I think Miguel actually fought a good fight, but the speed deficit ended up too much and he got buzzed in that second knockdown. It would have been cool to see him go the distance but I understand the stoppage, too.


I just published my follow up:

Save the Recipes For Crow -- I'm Proud of Miguel Cotto

I still think Manny's singing sucks, btw


"I'm cut, I'm swollen, but that's what I'm supposed to do. I did my best. I fought the best fighter I have ever fought. I hope the fans enjoyed a great fight."

--Miguel Cotto in a statement released after the fight

He's a class guy.

Yep. It's great to see him hold his head high. He has every right to. I think he fought to the best of his ability, came prepared and the whole nine -- just ended up a bit overmatched. The only questionable thing about his performance was Kanye West ringwalk music...


IrishRottie - I have been backing Cotto all day. All he needs to do is continually walk down pacman and keep the pressure constant. Its going to be a sick fight and pacman will have his moment but Miguel WILL stop pacquaio.

LOL, idiot

Thanks to everbody who read the articles.


Here you go! The first flick is OK, but skip the sequel.


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Great gifs there. You can really see how Cotto was blindsided by the more decisive knockdown punch. Night and day difference between the huge right hook he took and then snapped right back into action.