Site Relaunched, big giveaway contest

 I redid MMA Recap for many reasons, one of which was I wanted a bigger focus on the current contests that run.  I have never posted any of the contests to here before, and I hope it draws up some interest.

The current contest is for an autographed MMA Recap shirt, signed by fighters Brad Blackburn, Todd Duffee, Andrei Arlovski, Dan Hornbuckle, Felice Herrig and more.  In addition to the shirt is a copy of Randy Couture's "Becoming the Natural", a Round 5 MMA Wanderlei Silva figure and an unsigned Jens Pulver artwork print.

The contest is pretty simple to enter, just follow MMA Recap on twitter (@1outmma) and mention the redesign (along with our twitter handle).  You can also go to the Facebook page, like it and just by leaving comments you will be entered.

There's also random contests on Facebook and a UFC Octagon book that will be added to whatever contest is running when we cross 600 followers on twitter.  The contest ends this Friday and all the details can be found at:

Just a heads up, next week's contest will be for a Hit Squad shirt that was autographed by Matt Hughes and a copy of his book.

I know people are leary of contest posts, but every contest I have had someone has won and has been very happy.  There are two guys who have won multiple times through out the course of the different contests.

TTT 4 an awsome contest!!

 Thanks Crooklyn for the nice words.

ttt. I hope someone from here wins. There's also a contest for just giving a prediction on the Jake vs Jake fight that has your choice of a prize listed over at our Facebook page Phone Post

Crooklyn - TTT for the good people over there. John aka Scream13, is the bees knees.

Crooklyn you magnificent harlot! Thank you kindly!

YOU, r in fact the bees knees! one of my fav people in the game, and I probably would have smashed my head into pieces against a cinder block by now if it weren't awesome folks like you! e-hugs girl!

and TTT for the recap contests..I wish I could enter cause I want that damn Octagon Book! ha!


Good stuff here, I'm too cheap to go out and buy Randy's book. I want to win it!

 Winners were announced on Facebook, but I think they were both from here.  Brian Hemminger (GotaHemmi) wom the big prize pack and Hank Graham won a second contest.  Thanks to all that helped make it a success.  Some cool contests coming soon.