Sitting down within the guard

I've seen a Nino match where he was within someone's guard and he attacked it from a sitting position. He was seated on floor in a S-mount-like manner. From here his opponent's only option was to try to get up on top of him, but Nino would sweep him if he stood up. Either way, he did manage to break open the guard and pass.

Is this a common Nino thing to do? Also, anyone experiment with this? Pros, Cons?

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I'd like to know more about this.

Its on, Nino vs. Ricardo Texeira.

I think u might be right on the Rorion tournament.

Its a real awkward style he grappled with, but it worked apparently, cause he taps him out in the end.

i kinda think its a cool strategy for Nino. Its a good way to sub/sweep an opponent as he gets up over you and its a good way to keep yourself out of harms way.

I think this position evolved from those BJJ guys who liked to work in slow achilles locks where they would control both feet as they sat down.

Using something like this in NHB will get you booted in the face.

yea but in sport I think its a pretty good strategy if you maintain the proper posture. The dangers of him getting on top of you is there, but it won't be a quick transition for an opponent. It gives you plenty of time to counter it or move into a sweep or pass. It definately opens the guard though, which is hard to do against top level bjjers. Your leg positioning and your arms and hips are crucial in my opinion to pull this kind of guard passing game