Size comparison Vitor / Weidman

I don't know if there's some camera trickery or what (Weidman much closer to camera?) but this looks ridiculous:

blue help please

Weidman is a strapping young man.

Loose shirt, maybe a bit closer to the camera. Same height difference as between Anderson and Vitor.

Vitor looks like he's softened up a bit. :(

No more Super Vitor. Phone Post 3.0

Weidman is a huge mw, I thought this was established no? Phone Post 3.0

That Weidman pic I posted was from the Fuel days and quite possibly in the time he wasn't fighting and struggling with the hurricane. Probably isn't that big most of the time when not in camp, but still is a huge MW of course

edit: In-shape Weidman with Ariel

Vitor looks sick

vitor looks like he can drop to WW if he wanted

weidman is a big guy, he lets himself go when he's not training for a fight.

Vitor looks unwell in that video.

They need to whip out dicks and compare size there too.

Just to be certain. Phone Post 3.0

Donoghue88 - Vitor looks sick
I hear Bruce Springsteen's "Philadelphia" will be his walk out music. Phone Post 3.0

From Super Vitor to this... Banning trt has been such a Boner kill Phone Post 3.0

But, but TRT didn't give him the spinning back kick. He's still got that!

jude099 -

Shit... Phone Post 3.0

stonepony - Weidman is a strapping young man.

Why is Weidman fighting a little kid?

ok for the people saying there is not much difference with Vitor...ARE U FUCKING DELUSIONAL!!! LOL

Wideman is a big big guy Phone Post 3.0

I thought TRT Vitor was capable of beating Weidman, but I'm actually worried for TNT Vitor. Phone Post 3.0