Size matters

Just a bit of a rant.

Having joined a few mma groups aside from the UG (heresy!) I’ve realized many die hard fans also haven’t or don’t train…

My take is this. Size matters (yes, in all aspects of life). For example, I recently saw a post that argued Larry Wheels (top ranked powerlifter, massive juiced man) would have no chance in a fight against Ryan hall. The responses were overwhelmingly in favor of hall. I’m not so convinced. Wheels likely does side laterals with halls body weight. Not saying it’s a foregone conclusion, but it’s not concrete either.

Moreover, the precipice for this post is the recent Paul Mayweather bout (ugh). I knew from the inception of the bout talks that a ko was unlikely due to just this…size. The bout played out as I expected.

I understand the idea of a smaller man beating a bigger man is possible (bjj)…but in my humble opinion, only to a degree.

Size matters.

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Size matters when all skills are equal.


No shit, but your average power lifter has big time mobility issues and no stamina. If you made him chase you for a minute he’d be huffing and puffing grabbing his knees.


Go watch that Mountain boxing match.

CM Punk would beat him up boxing.