SJSU: the future of Judo

SJSU is without a doubt a great influence in the progression of
today's Judo youth. I was at the camp this week at the Orange
County Kodokan Judo Club and it was amazing. Josh Resnick,
Chuck Jefferson, Tetsu Okano and myself lead this 5 day long
camp for kids 6-18 years of age.

I was very impressed with the overall technical ability of these
kids. This really showed as the three SJSU team members would
teach their brand of Tachi-Waza. These kids picked up on it as if
they were doing it all along. I was amazed at how well these kids
did in the short 4 days of the camp. I think it is a case of talented
Judoka with very technical instructors that have through the years
developed an ability to convey what they know to any audience.

I learned a lot from these great athletes and I was proud to be a
part of Judo's new future!

Thanks again to Shag Okada and the Orange County Kodokan
Judo Club. And to Chuck, Josh and Tetsu...

go on tour and bring the show on the road.

If you want to bring SJSU to your town, best thing to do is get in contact with them at:

Chuck Jefferson is probably the best person to contact. Josh would probably know better.

Get a few schools in the area to kick in for the costs and it will be affordable, and everyone benefits.

If you take your judo training and the training of the younger students in your area seriously; its the best investment you can make.

Congrats to David and the rest of the guys. You are the future of this sport!

SGB's and Yudanshakai's should take notice.

ttt. can't see thread again.


Dave is modest. honestly, his instruction was what had everybody taking notice--including myself, Chuck and Tetsu.

we'd love to take the show on the road, it was as good a time for us as it was for anybody else. one things for sure, im going to get myself a white belt and go to dave's classes from here on. =)