Skip Hall artwork

The fact that this guy is still fighting into his 60's is quite inspirational! You've got to respect that kind of determination.

Skip Hall, 9x12" pastel

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original reference photo by Frank Couch

that's not confrontational, that's good feedback. When people make suggestions about what could be better, it gives me a chance to double check everything before the drawing is final. I may be able to do something about that eye if it appears to be drooping.

That's one of your better works so far. However, I agree that eye looks messed up, looks like the eye of a Bassett Hound to me.

I agree with Arachnoid, I didn't really see the eye until it was pointed out. I like the hard shadow line, it gives him an intimidating edge, but I see now what the others are saying. Nice work, Brad.

yeah, I may be able to fix the eye, we'll see...and eyes are such an important detail that you'll notice something could be that his head is tilted just slightly so that one is lower than the other, but in my drawing it doesn't look like it's tilted. It's also difficult when one eye is in shadow and the other is not so it looks completely different....anyway, I'll give it a close look and decide if I want to mess with it.

plan to make a minor update in the next day or two. In the meantime, ttt

The guy is in his sixties

it's awesome

about the eye, he is a fighter so you can say he's taken a hit in training :)


I have been studying the human figure for over 20 years now and I'd like to mention a few points.

1) The biggest danger when transfering a two-dimensional image to another two dimensional surface is that you almost invariably flatten it. This is what partly explains the "eye" complaint above.

2) The head is downward tilted, therefore the lines of the eyes, the nose and the mouth should have complimentary curvatures - they aren't at the moment so this will further accentuate that flat appearance.

3) I'm not sure what studies you have done to further your goals but I could recommend a lot of material that would help your understanding of the human form. Particularly Bridgemans complete guide to drawing from life, Atlas of anatomy for Artists, Dynamic Figure Drawing, and The Figure in Action.

I can't make comments on you talent because I don't know how long you've been doing this.

I can however tell that you are a big fan of MMA and that you are certainly willing to put in a lot of work in learning the craft.

If you want you can send me an email at

and I can give you further recommendations - specifically on anatomy and how to cure this 2-dimensionalness from your work.

I will soon be putting up a website of my artwork - I'll keep you posted.

Besides all of this (perhaps unwelcome?) critique...

Good Job!


Robert Bentley

Ignis Aurum Probat, Miseria Fortes Homines


robert bentley has defined constructive criticism for this thread. That is how it is done,friends.


Very nice piece of art & really nice input from robert bentley! LawdyMama has a hunk on her hands.... tee hee........

ttta for Skip!


Wow thats really Good ; and dahm Skipp is sceary!

I made very minor adjustments to the eye...basically, the only thing I did was move it up ever so slightly so that it no longer appears that one eye is lower than the other.

First chance I've got to see it. Strange looking at myself. My wife, LawdyMama nicknamed me "Disturbed" now I see where she might have got it from. Thanks to an opponent last year I now go by "No Mercy" but the disturbed look is good.

You do GREAT work especially on an old figure like me.

Thanks LM for supporting me and everyone's kind words.

bradu- do you check your mail at I sent you an e-mail inquiry.

great work as always