Skip Hall in Ad / Grappling Mag...

Skip Hall is in this months Grappling Magazine on Page 105.  He is promoting "House of Pain".  If you order a Tee from them, they will include a free copy of Skip's report:  "Should Fighters Train With Weights?"  The tees are cool as shiz and Skip is an amazing guy. 

Congrats Skip! 

This is from my first post in support of Skip:

Skip Hall is an amazing athlete and he is great for MMA.  Any event he fights in not only promotes that event but he also promotes every MMA fighter.  Skip is the "People's Fighter" and we just can't get enough of him in our sport. 

He's experienced, he's a sportsman and he's a fantastic athlete.  I speak for a lot of people when I say, Skip needs to fight. 

I guarantee you, if you sign him, you won't be disappointed.  Most likely you'll be resigning him. 

House Of Pain is a great company and they have come out with a full line of MMA shirts. And Skip hall is a great guy to have as a front man for there company.

check out there website

Right on Skip, ttt


Big Jim,

Whenever I post about Skip you are right there with me.  Thank you for helping to spread the support.



YW and where is he fighting first this year?


Cool. I'll make sure to get a copy of Grappling.

I love me some Skip Hall.

Skip is the man!!! He is everything i want to be when i grow up!!!!

skip is a top notch person and great for the sport.

ttt for us "older" competitors


Gitt'er done Skip!