Sleep Apnea Question?


I am pretty sure I have sleep apnea. I have awakened several times a night gasping for air.

Is there a cheap way to alleviate this without expensive Doc visits and machines. It seems like there should be a cheap mouthpiece or something I can use.



I'd like to know too.


Visit your GP and have him/her refer you to a sleep dormitory to determine whether you do in fact suffer from sleep apnea. If so, you may be recommended to purchase a CPAP mask/machine to wear while sleeping.

Unfortunately a "cheap mouthpiece" will not cause a change in pressure required to take in adequate breaths while asleep.

If you are out of shape, its best to evaluate your eating habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle under the direction of your GP or any other qualified health professional.

Samatikan, happy new year!...I see "thinking before speaking/typing" was not on your list of last year's resolutions ;)

Breath-right nasal strips.

"Breath-right nasal strips"...LOL you've got to be kidding me. Clearly you do not understand what we are discussing.

Tech, don't hate. My dad has it. He has to use a machine while he sleeps. The doctor (who happens to have a Ph.D, hence, the doctor title) said that nasal strips may help with mild sleep apnea. My dad's wasn't mild. They diagnosed him within an hour after he fell asleep during his test. He had stopped breathing at least 40 times in that one hour.

"Tech, don't hate."


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if you are at all overweight, do what you can to lose it. this is the single greatest cause of sleep apnea and other sleep related problems.

some of these problems can be caused by acid reflux, too. if you have reflux during the night, you can get some swelling in your airways. try not eating right before bed, or taking an acid reducer before bed.

you really should see a doctor, though. there are some really serious medical problems that are manifested by sleep apnea.


No hate here, but please do not dispense poor advice on health related topics...this is samatikan's job and unfortunately people listen to his nonsensical posts.

I'm just here to provide sound information.


The word of the day is "ignorance": the lack of knowledge or education.

You need to stand in the truth when dispensing health related advice. Also, you should make it known to the forum members that you have no formal education whatsoever in any health/medical related field and that your advice is merely anecdotal.

I have no problem with you bashing me, but I do have a problem with you dispensing poor advice to people who are dealing with specific problems and come here for help.

I should also warn all forum members who post on here for medical/health related information that your best source of information is a qualified health professional in your area, as the majority of posters here have no professional qualifications whatsoever to provide any sort of health related advice.