Slice hopeful for six more fights

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                                Slice hopeful for six more fights

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                    <p>Kimbo Slice joined the MMA Hour this past week and talked about why he&#39;s such a fan favorite and his hopes for the future:</p>

"People relate to me. I relate to them," Slice says of his popularity. "Our come up is the same. I don't think that I'm a superstar celebrity you can't f--king touch. You see me on TV, so that's celebrity status. I'm fighting in professional sports and also celebrity status. But you also see me in your local stores, you see me on the streets, you see me doing the same s--t you're doing with your family and your kids.

"To see that alone is why they can relate to me, for that reason right there is why, I guess, a lot of fans and the average person can relate," he argues. "Because I'm a real motherf--ker just like them. I gotta grind just like they gotta grind. I get up and get my s--t going in the morning just like they do, put my pants on one leg at a time. I don't think I'm all that. I don't think I'm better than the next man. But if it's a one-on-one fight and we gotta fight, I'm bang your ass up, you can believe that."

Slice brushes aside talks post fight of the bout with Shamrock being fixed due to the unusually poor grappling featured between the two competitors. "I find it humorous, to be honest with you," he notes. Critics are a part of the experience of being popular just as fans are, Slice claims. As long as there's a balance of them, there's little to worry about.

In fact, as far as he's concerned, he's only worrying about the future. It's rumored he'll get the winner of James Thompson vs. Bobby Lashley from Bellator 145 in November. Whoever it ends up being, Slice says the fight will likely take place in February.

But really, the scope of things that's got Slice thinking. He says he wants to fight six additional times, maybe more. The only issue for the Miami-based fighter is whether or not his physical health will work.

"You're getting a little older in the sport and I want to be smart in what I'm doing," he claims. "I want to be able to leave the game and still be able to walk, chase my grand kids, chase my kids. Climb stairs, I want to be healthy leaving this game. I don't want to leave the game broked up, busted up and f--ked up. I want to still leave this game being able to maneuver."

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I think Lashley beats Thompson and hope they do Thompson vs Slice after that because Lashley would beat Slice with ease due to the wrestling advantage. Thompson fight has more of a storyline and would be more competitive. After that, IDK who they can have him fight.

Good luck finding 6 more fighters willing to take a dive.

Soup and Beer -

Good luck finding 6 more fighters willing to take a dive.

Sham... Rock. Phone Post 3.0

James Thompson rematch
Lorenzo Hood
Ewerton Texiera (maybe) Phone Post 3.0

The rest of the fight sucked (wind) but this had me saying "oh shit."

Fuck the haters, I'll root for Kimbo.

Not hard enough to buy a Bellator ppv but still... Phone Post 3.0

I like Slice. Guys a good shit. Whether you like him as a fighter is irrelevant. He's a cool down to earth shit. Phone Post 3.0

Kimbo is my man and I always hope he does well. Phone Post 3.0

Dom Hemingway - I like Slice. Guys a good shit. Whether you like him as a fighter is irrelevant. He's a cool down to earth shit. Phone Post 3.0


I'm a fan. Ton of heart and rarely has a boring fight.