SN Bet. I got Frankie

30 day SN bet. Who is up for the challenge? Phone Post

In. As Long as we don't go too far with the SN change. Phone Post

Ok sounds like a deal. Phone Post

Wish I could FFw this & get benson vs diaz Phone Post

TTT so i don't lose the page Phone Post

TTT for aces_Taylor Phone Post

It was a close fight. Too close. No SN change, just stay with ballamma. Phone Post

Are u sure? I did lose the bet Phone Post

Yeah I'm sure, bro. If Bendo KO'd him or Sub'd him then I would change it, but that fight was so close it really couldve went to Frankie. I'd be mad if I lost like that. We'll just do another SN bet soon. Phone Post

Alright man, I get where you're coming from.
You wanna bet on Jones/Hendo or Belcher/Belfort? Phone Post