Sneaky master-plan about to be pulled by Sapp..

Many have said he is betting against himself.. he may.

He is collecting a paycheck from ignorant promoters and taking dives that he is building a reputation for..

He is not trying at all.. Think of how low the betting odds are getting against him.

He is making thousands each dive in a legit fashion.

Low betting odds.. not trying.. reputation for throwing fights.. frequent fights that he is collecting thousands..

He may just bet on himself to win in one fight and actually try and smash an opponent who is expecting him to take a dive..



ttt (tekken tag tournament)

The long con? Phone Post

Indeed.. let's make this a sapp failure gif thread.

TTT Phone Post

Like Bruce Wilis in Pulp Fiction?


He is gonna fight Fedor in Monaco 2013, betting odds are gonna be at + 10000 and he will KO slam Fedor in 30 seconds.

Do any bookies actually take bets on Sapp fights?

 He's been taking dives since the Nogueira fight.  Nothign new.

His next opponent should bet against himself and throw the fight against Sapp..

could pay off big!