A 1000 greetings to Doug and Mat. The crazy one has arrived. First off let me start off by saying that I will be around to bug you next week, I have to come up to take care of some business. Second, as I am all alone ( and lonely... :( boo hoo ) without my usual group of ROSSers to train with I have now, more than ever, an appreciation of the time you guys took to help me develop my skills. Thanks you two.

( sniff, sniff,) eh hem, anyway, my question/comment is this. What has been anyone's experience with the "mental walkthroughs" of MA development. Specifically, does anyone have any thoughts to share on practicing mentally, essentially performing dynamic drills in your head. I have recently had more of a need to do this and I am seeing some very salient results. For example, once, I was trying to translate a movement I had learned and mastered with my right arm to the left. After experiencing a slight bit of success, I decided to "practice" the movement, so to speak, in my mind. The effects of which were more than noticeable. Accordingly, I have done this with many other movements. I think this is an EXCELLENT way to keep yourself biomechanically and mentally familiar with the things you've learned at times when you have limited training options. What do you think?

( can all real ROSSers just ignore the guy?...sheesh. )

Thunder Foot,

Thanks for reminding me about this process, I used visualization a few years ago to help before my Bartending Competitions.
I would visualize my tricks, my methods, I would also try to feel them as they were happening in my mind. This sort of daydreaming helped me calm down before th e competition. Come to think of it is similar to "paying attention to the process". In Fisticuffs Scott talks about doing this(Paying attention to the process not visualization) "during" the actual event.
Perhaps after the holiday he can help us on this for clarification.

Thanks again,

Dani'l Chomycia