So basically Fedor signed up for AAA pawtucket

when he coulda signed with the Yankees. Wow what a stud.

Maybe dana should send Brock to strikeforce, like he sent Chack to pride.

More like Frontiere league River City Rascals!

Cmon guys, more like the Minnesota Twins

psh, more like angels in the fucking outfield

hey, it could happen

walr?s - The UFC heavyweight division has been a joke for years. Even Affliction (which didn't even last a year) had a deeper heavyweight division than the UFC. Why do you think the UFC offered Fedor so much money? They know he's the best and would bring instant credibility to their weakest division. It's hilarious how many people defend a division that hasn't done anything. They have gotten so desperate for talent, they even created an entire 16-man cast for TUF 10 with Kimbo Slice and Wes Sims. LOL

Uhh the UFC has the best HW division in MMA right now by FAR. Nog, Mir, Herring, Brock, Randy, Carwin, Velasquez, Kongo, not to mention Cro Cop, and Gonzaga

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^and fedor beat an out of shape once a year fighting mark hunt who btw took the fight on less than a months notice and defended several submission attempts by fedor even took fedor down for sum gnp -all this under 5 mins... before gassing.. and finally giving up a submission to fedor who obviously couldn't beat an out of shape hunt standing... sad but true.

Actually, AAA Pawtucket is the Red Sox farm team. :)

ShanTheMan - Cmon guys, more like the Minnesota Twins