So Cal: Anyone interested in Roy Harris seminar?

Anyone on this forum interested in a 3 hour Roy Harris BJJ seminar in the Los Angeles area. It would be $50 for 3 hours and probably on a weekend in maybe Jan or Feb of 2015. Just wondering what kind of interest is there? Also what topic would interest you folks. Thx.

Well this is awkward... Phone Post 3.0

This is just tentative. I am just wondering what kind of interest is out there. Thx.

I am interested. Learned so much from Roy's videos.

Anyone who has the opportunity should attend a Roy Harris Seminar. They are excellent. You won't be disappointed. Phone Post 3.0

I'm interested. Depends on the specifics but I would definitely like the opportunity.

Might be in Socal that timeframe.
Maybe Uncle Roy would like to train some KI with me too. Sounds fun!

Highly recommend Roy Harris seminars. Guy has alot of knowledge and alot of stories. Phone Post 3.0


He covers details more then any instructor I met Phone Post 3.0

I'd go Phone Post 3.0

Absolutely!!! Phone Post 3.0