So does anyone remember the Buffer 360?

Probably the best moment of the whole event.

Nubinatub -   Probably the best moment in the history of MMA

significant moment in the history of mma imho

maybe even top 10

great vid, never gets old

 Of course I fucking remember it!

 Got the T-shirt to prove it!!!!!!


LOL - so awesome.

<blockquote>RaginRedneck169 -  Got the T-shirt to prove it!!!!!!</blockquote>Where can I get one! And also, thank you Monsters Ball.<br /><br /><br />Why the heck did these <br> things show up on my post. Sorry guys, im a noob at this whole underground forums thing as you can tell by my 3 posts :P

 Don't remember the link.....someone made the shirt and posted the link, I think it cost like $ a search for Buffer 360 and find the thread that was made before the event.

The shirt is a knockoff of the Obama campaign with Bruce in the middle and it says "360 Degrees of Hope" and it has the UG Mob logo on the back.  It pretty much kicks ass.

 Here's a link where Zedlepln and Lookoutawhale are talking about the shirts, but I can't find the original link.  You might be able to PM them.