So I couldn't sleep last night....

Because for whatever reason my mind kept thinking about the possibilities of the Pride Mw GP next year. Yeah I know TOO MUCH MMA, but the event could be legendary if they get Randy, Tito and Vitor in there along with Rampage, Hendo, Vanderlei, Yosh... etc..

I was thinking about how Randy said, I seem to remember, that he would only be in the GP if he fought Siva first. Imagine if there were matchups like Hendo vs Tito, Vitor vs Rampage, Yosh vs Hendo,

The possibilies are INSANE..

That kept me up till about 2:30.. Now I am tired and trying to create a stupid post about it at work.


Maybe I should have used a different title?

"Maybe I should have used a different title?"


YES your first move shouldve been expected to have PIX BRO!!!

DRMMR, you are not alone.  A lot of us share those sleepless nights and more..... 

Dreaming about fights, staying awake thinking of the same stuff and every free minute getting on the UG to see who's posted the next great thread, and replied to the one you listed. 

It's frickin' crazy.... but hey, that's MMA.  

Jet... I thought I was the only addict. Thank GOd I don't have high speed internet at home or it would be over with..


I have dreamt about fighting Pedro Rizzo, Vanderlei and others but those stick out.

Last night was bad but it usually isn't like that unless of course it's the Saturday night before a Pride.
Then that Sunday is the LONGEST day of the year.



I had MdDonalds today.. I kinda regret it now... first time in a long time...
the cashier got smart with me so I sunk in a rear naked choke.... The onlookers looked bewildered.. I calmly took my food and left...


:) TTT

YEAH man with a title like that and 200 views u know u had the OG BREAKING half crazy to check the t hread LOL