So if a brawl broke out after the shoulder...

How many guys would Segal fling around like rag dolls? I mean Sonnen only really had Dolce backing him up.

Dolce didn't do shit Phone Post

Seagal would've had a stroke and shit himself ahain Phone Post

 It would have been a hurricane of bodies flying everywhere, no one fucks with the Sensai.

Sensai would have had a heart attack

 Buffer was ready to scold Anderson with viscious finger pointing and tsk tsk'ing

Was Seagal even at the weigh-ins? Didn't notice him, which is saying a lot. Phone Post

Oh I see him now Phone Post

There would have been blood

Joe rogan flying triangle takedown. Phone Post

95% of those on the stage could take out the Roseanne Barr lookalike Sensai. Phone Post

Seagal would've been KTFO, probably by Dolce Phone Post

LOL at Buffer... WTF is he even doing in the group anyway??

whole thing was staged