So Here is Part 2 of the Nick Diaz Interview I did Recently fellas.  Took a while to put up because of the current redesign the guys are working on.  Don't worry Part 3 is already typed and will be up within the next 2 or 3 days now that the site is almost back to normal.  So I hope you guys enjoy it and as always, feedback good or bad is a must guys.

Part 1

Nick Diaz Interview: Part 1


Part 2

Nick Diaz Interview Part 2

Very good interview. You just have to respect Nick Diaz as a fighter. He'll fight anybody, anytime.

Thanks for the feedback, please keep it coming and yeah he is a natural born fighter.


Now THAT is an interview.....GREAT job......

Great interview! TTT for Nick!

damn how fuckin long is it gonna take for part 3??

no offense but its taking like a month just to read 1 interview..

Diaz is the man! Great interview!

The thing is the site was being redesigned, so the second part had to wait a few weeks due to them being so backed up with the redesign. That is why Part 2 took so long to be put up. Don't worry though Part 3 will be up within the next day or 2, now that things are back in order for the site. Sorry for the delay guys and thanks for the feedback guys, it means a lot.

ttt for later


Great read,thanks.


great interview

looking forward to the next installment

about that "muthafucka" comment, you are right and actually that's not how I wrote it when I sent it to be edited. I never noticed that until now. Thanks for pointing that out as I just had it changed to "motherfucker". The guy that edits the interviews is so used to editing it like that when editing all the interviews with hip hop artists that it's become a habit. That's how the majority of hip hop artists say the word. But thanks for pointing that out and I apreciate the feedback. Like I said, it really helps.

hes a good interview, but i think he lost those decisions fairly

he beat rigs and the diego fight was close. Bottom line is , diaz was made for pride rules and now he will never get to use them.

He's right though, the UFC never promoted him and never really gave him "feeder fights" even the japaneese guy he dropped was really a good fighter and fought well in pancrase (his name ecsapes me)

ttt for pt 3

Pt. 3 will be up soon and thanks again for the feedback.

Diaz is hilarious and will always be one of my favorite fighters to see on a card, but he is really paranoid and has a serious chip on his shoulder. At least now he admits that the Diego and Riggs decisions are at least "arguable".

That was a great interview, thanks! It might be helpful when typing up the third part to assign shortcut keys to the words 'fuck' and 'bitch'. It might save you a few hundred keystrokes.