So its okay to give belt to Forrest Griffin ?

So its okay if you land a few kicks on Rampage to win the belt if you're Forrest Griffin. But if Shogun does it to Lyoto, then he loses the decision.

Double fucking standard.

The Rampage Vs. Forrest fight was close. I am a Rampage fan and don't even really like Forrest. The best case scenario I had for Rampage was a Draw. The best case scenario I had for Forrest was a win. Round 2 really fucked Rampage over.

I think this fight was way more decisive than Forrest's sloppy decision win over Rampage. Shogun got fucked hard!

I was thinking the same thing, Rua was fucking robbed!

It proves UFC is all about money and not being a good representative of the sport.

Forrest = More fame than Rampage, so lets give him a belt.

Shogun = Was not a TUF coach, no one saw his awesome run in Pride, he didn't look good in his first two fights, so lets keep the belt on undefeated Lyoto!!

UFC = Fucking disgrace


nobones - Judges don't really understand kicks unless you're dropping people with them.
and thats a big problem 

Did we have the same judges for those two fights? If not, you don't really have a point.

Forrest won rd 2 for sure. But Rd1 he was knocked down 2 times and got that round on judges card. The commisions are swayed by Zuffa and money and probably more than anything by Vegas odds!

Forrest lost that fight imo, but it was way way closer than this fight. Machida only landed fucking 40 total strikes - thats 7.5 strikes per round and he wins?? Plus he did not have octagon control, did not look to finish the fight, and did not dictate the pace or have a grappling advantage. WTF more needs to be done, to realize this shit was fixed!

Shogun did a lot more than leg kick.

Rampage is still the LHW champ and noone can tell me differently.