So Meisha says it and it's ok?

Where is the outrage? When Mir said he wanted to kill Brock, people had a fit over it. I don't see any outrage over Meisha saying she wants to kill Marloes.

For the record, neither of them saying it bothers me. I get it that she's hyping a fight. Phone Post 

Mir's the devil, duh.

Because she's a girl, we all know girls don't really want to kill people, they just want to bitch your ear off and make you feel bad instead.

Meisha has a better ass

Spell her name correctly

 Her booty is a bit nicer to look at than Frank's.

Maybe because noone was paying any attention?

It's cute when girls threaten murder (and kind of hot when they actually do it).

Chris Power - Mir's the devil, duh.

. Phone Post

Why do you even care? Phone Post

 When Meisha says it, it's...cute.

 I remember Cerone had to appologize because he siad he hope Jamie Varner was the first death in a Major

I found it honest, and hilarous.

didn't mir say he wanted brock to be the first death in the ufc?
miesha is just using a metaphor

ive been corrected


Miesha too nice to kill anyone. Mir on the other hand could. Phone Post

 Chimono's Revenge has saved this horrible thread!

Why should I be outraged at pre-fight hype rhetoric? Never understood this.

^^ I'd let her try and kill me

What did she say? If she just said she wanted to kill her that is no big deal. It is a figure of speech. If she specifically said she wanted to maim her and have be the first person to die of octagon related injuries, that's a different story. That isn't a figure of speech.