So now that I made my Pro Debut...

How do I get my green name?

Oh and anyone that wants to sponsor me just let me know too.

He's legit.

Congrats Hebrew Hammer!

Ben Stark

give him the green name

Hey Ben, how'd ya do? Congrats to you!!!

write to  :o)

Congrats, Ben!

James Clingerman

"Your pro debut in what?"

Not too bright, are you?

""Your pro debut in what?"

this is an mma forum. not too hard to make the jump to what the debut was in, eh?
especially since he added the link.

congrats Ben.

Ben Stark

Name: Ben Stark
Pro Record: 1-0-0
Am Record: 2-0-0
DOB: 5/14/1982
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 205
Affiliation: American Top Team

Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Boxing
Birth City: Danbury
Birth State: CT
Birth Country: USA
Home City: Tamarac

Home State: FL
Home Country: USA
Comments: Lots of heart, fast learner.

Thanks everyone.

Ben Stark- Email me @: JWE498@AOL.COM


Ben did great, expecially since he had a bunch of stitches over his eye like 1 week before his fight. Guy is a natural born killer!

Good stuff !!