so what's everyone doing this LONG WEEKEND?

great weather and a 3 day weekend. anybody got good stuff planned?

me, starting a new job come tuesday so using this weekend to review numbers and prepare. cancelled class on sunday, but gotta say mostly just resting in and work.

Best weekend weather in a while and I gotta split. =(

have a good trip mang

Definitely gonna try, thanks!

Down here at prince kuhio since yesterday. Gonna go to oki fest.

Surfing hg on my phone

My $25 loco moco :(

fuggin eeesh

Weekend in Williamsburg Virginia, then back to NYC on Monday to finish up this Vacation.

Moke, where you going?

Well at least you get an extra egg for the extra 17 bucks.

Yimmy, you don't wanna don't even wanna know.

rip moke

Just got done with training at Gracie tech and rolling with Rylan then a BBQ after now I need to recover and meet up with the JTC for our draft tomorrow sleep LOL

It's double rip when you think about it...

NC, your name turned black. Hey thanks for thursday!

LOL dont worry im not in the mud

no but thanks to MR. and Mrs. Tek for having me

Oki-fest pig feet soup.....FAIL!


armlok's pics

Mahalo for the help! Can't get the html to work on my blackberry