So whats that a poor game plan?

Or did Robbie break him? Phone Post 3.0

Awful game plan. I think Rory should switch camps. Take a year off competition and broaden horizons. See what happens from there. Has potential to be the champ, he's still only 26 years old. Take some time and regroup Phone Post 3.0

It was a bad gameplan against a guy where there really isn't a good gameplan.


no ones figured it out yet. I'll say again, I think condit and Jackson will have the best shot at a good gameplan and executing it with a clinch and elbows and infighting.

Lawler fights with that Tyson style, gets inside with head movement and footwork while working a jab and them work heavy hooks and uppercuts but with wonderboy as soon as he gets inside wonderboys gone already. Not sure how he'd beat him.


condit would get him against the fence and lock him in the clinch working knees and elbows on the break. U gotta be willing to eat his counters to get close to him and people are scared of his side kick and his counter punches.

Robbie didn't break him. It's Wonderboy. I don't think people know what its like to fight him until they're actually there. He's tough to figure out. Phone Post 3.0

I think this may be a rare example of over-game planning Phone Post 3.0

Didn't think it was a great plan. But I don't think he'd have the footwork or speed to implement one.