so who will watch ufc at 3pm sat?

cus i think if you buy the live show, it will be replayed for like 24 hours.

so who will be watching it live?

not me, i work 8-5 sat.

This thing has Sat afternoon Winghouse written all over it.

I'll be golfing.

Wait, the UFC will air at 3???

I'll be watching at a bar...noon PST.

12 on the west coast and yes I will be watching.

i dont know if i will buy it

i am going to see if hooters will replay it all night


If anyone is near San Diego, some UGers are getting together at the Silver Fox @ noon.

not me. i have a bbq to go to with friends who could careless about mma.



Im going to have friends over for a good old fashioned BBQ and watch the fight. should be great!

2 o'clock central - I'm there!

I'm down.

jjchgo, you need to get new friends.

ill watch

I have a wedding Saturday but I am not running around trying to catch this particular card.

July 7th though, definitly will be planned in the next week or so!

I will. I'm actually glad, because I wasn't going to be able to watch it that night but I should be able to catch the live show in the afternoon.

i get off at noon on Sat so that should work out nicely

Will be watching it live for sure. I can't wait for this card, I think we will be surprised at the talent pool. Don't want to watch a repeat after hearing all the outcomes.

what time on west coast?