SOA can he be stopped?

5 Fights 5 Wins 5 KO, is there any one in Austalia that can beat Him?

Chris Haseman and Anthony Perosh are the only 2 guys that spring to mind as possible candidates?

I think he's just too big.

He really needs to find some fights in the U.S where they've got bigger fighters and someone who can be more of a challenge to him.

JohnnyS is correct.

Soa is too big for anyone in Australia, can't wait to see him fight overseas. Marketed correctly, Soa has the size and talent to get into the major o/s organisations and be competitive.



Christian WELLISCH was no chump guys. Big things ahead for Soa.


Soa vs Dan the Beast

Who cares\! I say good luck to him.

Everyone can be beaten.


Sure he can.

Sapp vs Minotauro. Bigger is not always better.

Soa is very talented and is only going to get better. I hope he gets a shot in the big time soon.


BLACKANGEL - great idea.

Elvis is correct.


soa is very skilled for such a big man and imho sapp relys on his size as his only power soa is definatly goin places

No disrespect to Soa as i have watched his 2 fights in Melb and he has put on a great show but has Soa fought anyone his own weight and size???

Surley their are guys overseas (as his 2 Melb opponets have been from the states) his size who will come to fight.

I still hope Soa wins but would just like to see his strength against someone his size not 20kgs lighter.

however that said i thought his last opponent put up a good show, he hit him with everything even the on foot stomp and that didn't even make Soa blink.

We will have a monster for Soa on march 19 at XFC4


Shrek? ;-)