Soa in herald sun today

There is a really good article on Soa and the up coming NHB tournement on the second back page of the hearld sun .

It is as good an article as i have seen promoting the sport . Prime position , half a page and a big photo of Soa .

Check it out , and maybe shoot an email to the hearld sun thanking them for the article .,5478,8402182%255E11088,00.html

Thats the link to read it online , soa's pic isnt there but the article is at least .

Spoiling for fight? Say it ain't Soa
Jon Anderson

IT'S the never-ending pub argument: who would win out of the black belt karate expert and the golden gloves boxing champion.

Unless there happens to be a black belt in the debate, the discussion normally ends in agreement that the boxer would win.
"Knock him out mate, just one big right hand and it would be all over red rover," are the words of wisdom.

There was no way of ever proving the theory, short of resurrecting Bruce Lee and re-creating Muhammad Ali.

That has all changed with the introduction to Australia of No Holds Barred, a boxing form that is open to all styles of aggression other than knives, guns and chainsaws.

And much to the surprise of many it isn't the boxers who are coming out on top.

Emphasising that point yesterday on a trip to Melbourne from Perth was Soa Palalei, a 130kg man mountain of Tongan origins.

Palalei is one of the star attractions on a No Holds Barred Fightclub Productions promotion at Keilor Basketball Centre on February 12.

The quietly spoken and polite 26-year-old began as a boxer seven years ago, but kept getting put on his posterior in the gymnasium by a 90kg opponent who knew how to grapple and wrestle.

Soa quickly realised it was the way to go so he took up ju-jitsu, a Japanese style of wrestling that is lethal when combined with his power and surprising agility.

Five professional No Holds Barred fights for five first-round wins tells the story.

It normally goes like this: bell sounds and the boxer comes out pecking and poking. Soa, with hands up and pumping out punches if necessary, gets in close for the kill.

His opponent is rendered useless when thrown to the floor -- Soa then applying his version of Mark Lewin's sleeper hold or giving an arm a hefty lock.

No Holds Barred isn't everyone's cup of tea and the first Melbourne-based promotion last November (which sold out in 24 hours) drew criticism.

But the event was run professionally and received approval from the governing bodies, allowing Soa and his mates to keep plying their trade.

"My aim is to fight in Japan where they get 100,000 people," Soa said.

"There's a 170kg and 208cm American ex-linebacker named Bob Sapp who is my ultimate goal. Get him before he gets me."

As crazy as it sounds, Soa does attract the odd would-be-pugilist wanting to have a crack.

He reacts the same as he would in a ring, taking the well-fuelled attackers to the ground and putting them to sleep if necessary.

You truly do wonder about the sanity of certain people, particularly after noting that Soa's chest measurements make Barry Round look like Posh Spice.

Those wanting to see Soa in his field of employment can do so through Ticketmaster (1300 308 999).

good call uncle fu ...i should have just done that

anyone got the pic to post?? Jayne??

Excellent article.

Well reported article. Deserving accolades for Soa.



Nice article. Soa is a great guy.


Nice story but it makes it sound like Soa is only fighting boxers with no other training. I think it would give him more credit 2 say that he has beaten people who also train 4 MMA.

It sort of makes out that Soa is one of the only guys who trains multiple styles.

"a boxing form that is open to all styles of aggression other than knives, guns and chainsaws."

An that aint exactly true either but I guess it would draw some fans.

Steve, good point, I agree.

Still think it's a good article.