Soa v Jimmy AMBRIZ

Been keeping this under wraps but its up on the nhb webpage so it must be fit for release..

Soa will fight former KOTC SHW champ Jimmy AMBRIZ on the may 20 show in Melbourne.

From what I have seen of AMBRIZ he is FREAKY BIG!! Like a FOKI on GH!

Good to see Soa has risen another level again.


What would his weight be?

I'm not 100% sure but remember discussing Armbriz with 'the reverend' last year from KOTC.

He said Armbriz is 330lbs = 150kg and is an ex NFL player???

Can anyone confirm?


Jimmy is fucking huge......i think around 350pnds

i'm not 100% sure... and he's only around 5'10 or 5'11.

He was actually some kind of powerlifting champ, cause he could benching something like 700+ pounds... again not 100% sure..

Beat up Dan Bobish to become the KOTC Super Heavy champ. Last fight was a loss to Josh Barnett.

Big challenge for Soa.

Last fight was a draw with Waterman which was by far the worst MMa bout I have ever seen. AMBRIZ is big and strong freaky strong. Soa was 123kg at XFC and is 6'2 ish" Jimmy is 140kg and 5'11"

I like the match as it will dispell any rumors as to Soa winning by strength/power alone.

To give people a picture as to how good soa has become.. lance CARTWRIGHT that Soa mauled at XFC recently toyed with Efisha in Canadian MMA. I am not a huge BJJ nut so I am unsure of the guys cred? but he is a 130kg Blackbelt.

TTT for Soa.


'Been keeping this under wraps but its up on the nhb webpage so it must be fit for release.. '

Which NHB page ?


This is shaping up to being one of the best NHB cards I've seen in Australia. Great work ..

Anyone know anything re the judo guy that is fightingt Tosca??


Wow, who'd of thought that Melbourne would be almost as good a place to live as the Gold Coast ?

Looks like it's shaping up to be a great regular show down there.

And Michael Schiavello to announce, here comes "more hits then the internet" and all those other gems !


Has any ring in Australia ever had to hold this much weight in one fight? Hope they have a little ref otherwise big chance the ring could colapse! ;)

Also interesting to see Dale Westerman is fighting again so soon. He fought on the under card to the Mundine fight and one would have thought he would have lost his fight but he won as his opponet quite with a suspected broken jaw but big ask to make him committ to fighting just 15 days later! Or has the poster just came out today?

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