Soft Gi?

Probably get flamed for this...but what is the softest gi you've worn?

I had a Krugan's back in 98 that was like a pair of pijamas. Really soft and comfortable.

Right now, it is my black Koral. The white Korals are a bit rough when they are wet from sweat, but the black ones are amazing. Damn, I love the black Korals.

Hell, I can't wear a black gi.   I'm not that good.

I second the black Koral. I bought it after reading Andre's rave and I love it

Andre, I just got a black Koral and was surprised at how much softer it is than my white one. I thought they used different fabric or something.

As for softest GI ever it has to be the Vulkan hot weather gi.

I wish my black koral was white, but with the same softness and size.

My white vulkan is awesome, though.

I'm glad you guys liked the black Koral. It feels good to recommend something and see others feel the same way.

The new Gameness Pearl isn't bad.

what bout that new Lucky Gi...the black one is P I M P

Top soft gi's I've worn:

1) Century's Deluxe Single Weave Judo Gi (VERY soft inside)

2) Gameness Platinum Weave (great gi, great fit, also softens very quickly)


the Tigre Branco gi is sweet!