1) take the cage and literally cut it in half ...... take a octagonal ring and cut it in half .... >> slide both halves together !!!
( ur pride / standup style fighters got half a chance to bring the fight to their side of the ring / cage )

(ur ufc / wrestler style fighters got half a chance to bring the fight to thier side of the cage / ring )

now heres the MOST brilliant idea yet >> the cage / ring would be built in such a way that .... the cage and post + the ropes and post could be electronically turned on , where by the cage side and the ring side would slowly collapse and make a smaller and smaller mat area for the fighters to fight on .
if the fighters are too busy dancing and NOT engaging the fans would boo loudly and the judges would hit the collapse switch and within a minute these mother fuckers would be fighting out of a phone booth

between fans of both ( pride and ufc ) getting what they want with the cage / ring ... the collapsing cage / ring forces fighters to engage more often

who likes the collapsible ring / cage idea ?

lets see some drawings - what would you call it - cant get far without a cool name.

Remember the "Ring-a-gon" - that didnt work because the name sucked.

I prefer bungee cords in the Thunderdome style

i need a artist to do it justice ... ill call it the collapsing " octo - ring"

beats the heck out of stall cards etc . goes from a full size octagon / ring to maybe as small as 10 by 10 in about a minute .

forces the stick and move dancer types to bang . doesnt give many options lol

Ring or open mats will do

ring or open mats will do ? .... what about the cage lovers / fence hangers ?
im trying for a solution that gives the cage and the ring ....wrestlers / standup artist .... all a 50/50 chance of fighting in the format , that gives them the advantage .

no more bitching from either side + my collapisble octo - ring solves some major stalling issues .

the standup enthusiast and the wrestling enthusiast would know that theyre fighter would have an advantage when the fight is happening on their side of the octo - ring + a disadvantage when not

 I'd call it the "King Rage Ring Cage."

 Alternately, the "Rage King Cage Ring."

Hell, I say you just hook up those cattle electric fence gizmos to the cage, and when the judges need action, just zap'em!!!!!!

my idea is a octo ring and a octo cage put together ... that collapses and gets smaller IF needed .

brilliant idea that is NOT a gimmick idea , its simply the best of whats already being used + a way to counter the stalling tactics .

actually its a great concept that needs a engineer to make happen for any promoter who
a)doesnt want stalling

b)wants to give a fair shake to wrestlers AND strikers

c) wants to give at least a semi fair shake to the fans sitting in the stands who want to actually have a better view to watch the fights IE >> move to the octo ringside seats vs trying to see the action thru the fence

d) stop all the wining about fence grabbing , fence hugging etc ( the stand fighter should or could have made the fight on his side of the octo -ringside



Rage in the Rage.


PRIDE rules in a Ring or Open mats


Retarded, this is like bitching about rope-a-dope.

And the worst wall and stall is still more interesting that a Gayweather fight.

Didn't Frank Shamrock break out the Bloodsport Kumite platform for ShootBox? Have them fight on that, only with their hands wrapped like Tong Po.



shanoknowsmma -

Ring ropes are for dopes. If you can't fight in a cage then you can't fight.

But i've already made my suggestions...

They need to allow the following:

- all elbow strikes (except to the spine or back of head)

- kicking and kneeing a downed opponent

- stomps to the head of a downed opponent

- referees as judges

- decide the #1 contender

- large bonus incentives for finishing an opponent

- a smaller-sized cage

- limiting the # of comments Joe Goldberg can make during a fight

- add 125-145lb fighters to the rosters

They need to eliminate the following:

- uneducated judges

- allowing slow walk-outs (why can't they trot or jog?)

- stupid advertisements right in the middle of a fight

- Bruce Buffers looooooooong introductions

- lousy match-making

- continuing to feature fighters with losing records and sub-par performances

In case anyone has noticed, some of the most exciting fights have come from no-name fighters in their debuts...and at lighter weights, like 155 & under.

If Dana would pull his head out of his butt and add Flyweights, Bantamweights and Featherweights, to the UFC, then we would have a lot more exciting cards!

I've been saying this since 1999. 
EVILYOSHIDA - shano, ring ropes are a helluva lot better than the 8 sided wire fence cage.

like someone said earlier 20-30 sec. restarts a few times in a fight is WAY better than 25 minute dry humping sessions.

i agree with your criteria. you basically want Pride in a cage.

I think the cage needs to go though. Either open "shootbox" format or just a traditional ring.

the ring is just so classy and steeped in tradition and it has been PROVEN to produce exciting fights

That's a dead argument. The most exciting fights i've ever seen were in a cage.

I think the WEC puts on some of the most exciting cards ever.

The ring is not "classy"...ropes are from boxing and wrestling and kickboxing. With all these sissified rules it's becoming enough like boxing as it is.

Ring ropes cause needless re-arrangements of the fighters, arms getting caught in them, fighters falling thru them...and they aren't realistic.

If you were in a street fight, what's the chances you'd end up with ropes at your back?

MMA is unique and should stay with a cage.

 Already mentioned this in another thread of mine...

What would you like to see Dana do next...?