Some light reading for you LOL!

It's actually kind of long so I hope y'all can make it through the entire interview. Thanks to Tom Gerbasi for another great interview and write up on the UFC website. If you get bored go on over and take a look, or just follow this link:

Rory's New Interview

ttt for the new action hero :)

That made me chuckle a little bit as well EvilMaster. Kind of catch though, don't you think? LOL.

Nice interview.

ttt for rory he's the man

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No other Romo-Shoppers online??...

Good luck to you Rory...The Evil-One supports you.



It's great to see how far you've come since you were here in New Mexico! Good luck and looking forward to seeing you again sometime in the near future.

Take care bro!


Nice interview, no mention of your fledgling pop career though...

resists the temptation to make a predicition, in the spirit of the holidays


keep your chin down........

oh shit...ROFLMAO @ Evilmaster

nice interview Rory...or should i say Arturo... =)

nice article

since when does Thomas Gerbasi write for MMA? Have only seen him write for boxing

Rory, I am looking forward to seeing your Hand raised in Victory Saturday Night.

Break a Leg...or an Arm. ;)