Some Tripod Techniques from Australia

Hey People, New to the whole Forum thing, thought I might share some techniques from our gym. I'm a Purple Belt under professor Liam. Anyway hopefully this works well, these are a couple of tricky tripod sweeps we've been doing in the gym.

Not Sure on the rules of posting stuff like this as a newbie. Anyway it has helped me out, especially the donkey kick one!

How about getting a fucking tripod for the camera. I feel like I'm drunk watching that.

Lol hey Pastor D thanks for that!

Invisible Lats, thanks for the feedback it was on someone's phone this time only realized after haha Phone Post 3.0

Nice work, thanks for this! Phone Post 3.0

Great as always, thanks! Phone Post 3.0

Love it Phone Post 3.0

Thanks guys, what do you call these sweeps? We've always called them tripod and sickle sweep. Phone Post 3.0

I like the 2nd one the best. Really good to attempt the sweep there, also an easy transition to the xguard if they do manage to step the leg back. (Kneebar-> tripod-> xguard-> kneebar, etc)

The third looks difficult to catch his leg from stepping back when youre reaching out with your with your hook (foot extended). Having played with this position and it's variations I haven't seen success with this one in particular.

From my understanding of the tripod sweep, your hamstring/behind the knee/calf is the "foot sweep" that takes his leg out. With that you're controlling a sleeve and the opposite foot with your hands. The #2 in the video was a variation of this? It looked backward in principle.

Thanks for the upload! Phone Post 3.0 here is how I learned it from my coaches.

Ralph breaks it down very nicely. Phone Post 3.0

Nice Liam. I like the donkey kick for no gi if I grip the ankles.

Thanks team! As soon as I figure out how to embed these I'll try and include a few of the sneaky ones every now and then!