someone could get killed

pride needs to stop with these absurd weight matchups because someone is going to get seriously hurt in the ring. 

as i watched hunt throw blows and jump on wandy, i couldnt help but think about how much damage could be done if hunt were to really connect with a head stomp or solid right, and immediately i realized how irresponsible pride was for putting together that matchup.

they need to watch it before someone gets their skull cracked.  there are reasons to have weight divisions.

IF someone was killed it would sell a shit load of DVD's.

true, plus all the press coverage

i train four times a week, but i dont have a guy that weighs 300 lbs trying to stomp on my head.  do you?

Yeah, I train as well, not as much as I would like, but we try to take it easy on the soccer Kicks,and flying stomps to the grill!

tampons needed, bill to checyrroil.

make sure they are heavy flow.

Headline - "MMA Champion Vanderlei Silva killed by K-1 fighter's Flying Ass Stomp!"