Someone explain Ginastica Natural??

What is this all about? Is this what Rickson was doing on the beach in Choke?

^lazy american with no cardio.


 Imo, no can defend.

 Ginastica Natural sounds like Gina Carano pre-boobjob.

 bruce banner could use a few sessions of this. 


Anarkis- i did ginastica natural before practice a while ago when my prof made it part of the warmups (more like conditioning). It helps you learn how to move and more importantly "flow". You know someones good when they just flow through technique after technique. Also if you train when tired your technique improves. so it was beneficial in training and building the type of muscles needed for grappling as well as getting conditioned Phone Post

^ Yup, I remember that interview.

It's sad if what he said is true - that Alvaro essential stole his idea.

Unfortunately, nowadays the bjj world remembers Alvaro and he is heavily endorsed by a bunch of champs, whereas, I'm not sure if that many people even know who Orlando is.

holy ttt


Anarkis2 - 

"Also if you train when tired your technique improves. "

I hate that line... when I am tired I, can't remember shit. I am just trying to make it through it. Technique improves from drilling, understanding why it works, and applying it. Not walking across the mat on your ass until your exhausted. I just prefer to warm up so I don't get hurt, learn technique, then you can run me through whatever draconian exercise program you put in place.

I agree with your sentiments- perhaps because I'm partly (very) lazy and because I train bjj recreationaly. When I go to bjj class and take time away from my family and work, I want to train bjj, not run laps and do jumping jacks. If I want to do additional conditioning and cardio, I'll fit that it in my own spare time elsewhere.

However, as I am older now (37), I do think there is a need for a nice warm up to get the body ready for training that helps prevents injury- just please don't make it for 30+ minutes.

yeah, bummer about Orlando and Alvaro. In Alvaro's interview on Arte Suave he gave so much credit to Rolls that when he didn't mention Orlando you had to know something was up.

Anarkis2 -  They are meant to supplement your training, all too often they become your training.

I kind of see them like kata for BJJ, in the sense that it's not as good as sparring, but great when you are solo and want to improve mobility and don't have access to a bunch of equipment like dummies, weights etc.

I used to do three hours of this shit a day back when I was just a purple belt. I had to stop because it made me wake up in the night wanting to kill someone for no reason, seriously

In my opinion it is mostly a bunch of garbage that only got popular among the BJJ crowd because Rickson said he does it. In a way it reminds me of Scott Sonnon and his videos of shinboxes and whatnot and I remember back in the day people on this forum were all singing praises for him and how helpful those shinboxes were for grappling. If you want to get better at BJJ do BJJ. There are much better ways to work on your cardio and strength.