Someone give Jason Brilz a Shot

I hope that after this weekend's win by Alex Schoenauer over Travis Wiuff a large organization gives Jason Brilz (VFC LHW Champion) a shot. He destroyed Schoenauer with GnP in Jason's last title defense. With that said I am sure Travis would have beaten Alex under VFC rules as he would of been able to pound the elbows from the mount. Still though I would like to see someone give Brilz a step up.

I couldn't agree with you more, Jason is one tough fighter. ttt for Brilz

I have bad news for you guys - Fighters like Brilz will never see the light of day in the UFC. Big organizations like fighters that have crazy personalities and mass fan appeal. Brilz is way too nice of a guy. Look at the top 205 lbs fighters in the UFC.

I hope Brilz doesn't read this for my own health but the UFC has become more of a pro wrestling match in the heavier weight classes - IE Ken Shamrock Vs Tito II. Forest Vs Tito. Tim Vs Arlovski. don't even get me started on Pride's heavy weight lineup...

Brilz is going to have to become a prick (Phil Baroni) if he wants to get into a big show.

ttt for brilz. he has to get a shot eventually.

I know the UFC is probably out of the question but the IFL or the WEC would even be a good step for Brilz.

Brilz is one of the most underated guys around. He could fight @ 205 and would be a force. 12-1-1 against decent competition is nothing to scoff at. I think if he were a bit more active he wouldget more attention.