Something happen to Chris Leben before his fight?

PelantyMan - For what it's worth I met Chris at the day after the fight and he seemed ok, laughing and joking etc. Really cool bloke. Phone Post

Can you just make something up instead to satisfy the drama queen rumour loving OP? Phone Post

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Last time he was out for a year he lost to Jake Rosholt and looked horrible doing so. He's just knocking off the rust. Hopefully it's nothing besides that. Phone Post

no go-go juice?

Fedorlives - 

Just heard a lil more detail... He "allegedly" went on a bender when his opponent for 155 had to pull out. He got into some kind of altercation whilst on the bender and some high level people stepped in before it became public....just saying guys!!! Phone Post

I would prefer if you say what your sources are rather than throwing out wild allegations.

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