Something people tend to forget about Punch Stats

Just because the number of punches landed by a fighter is more than the other fighter doesn't mean the fighter who landed more should win.

Jacare beat Kennedy no doubt about it, regardless of Tim landing more.

A fighter can outstrike the other fighter 50-10 in a round causing his total punches landed for the fight to be more than the other fighter, BUT he only wins THAT round. And if this happens in two rounds but the other fighter wins the next 3 rounds then there you have it, the fighter who landed less wins.

Get what I'm saying??

So you can never base a fight on total punches landed.

That is all!


 I had it 3-2 for Tim...

Cyril Jeff -  I had it 3-2 for Tim...

You had it wrong. Jacare outstruck him on the feet and landed the more damaging blows. Kennedy got a couple of takedowns and did nothing with them. I didn't enjoy the fight much but it is what it is. They should have done a tournament them fuckin idiots.