something that has to addressed!

 i have had somethen knawing at my guts for quite some time, my doctor saind that its causing too much stress so i should just let it go. i have chose this forum to do just that so here goes................ wow that feels so much better.

 thats a good trick, but my name isnt pat smith

Fighter Bashing?

 Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Was that an internet fart joke?

Mepaqehe - Was that an internet fart joke?
that was the thought.


 yes he had sex with a 14 year old girl, i have first hand knowledge of him 47 being with a 17 year old girl in missouri, the same night he and i fought on the same card in missouri. also a meth addict and a real nasty person. but hey lets give the guy a chance!

 I'm not understanding the problem.

AnthonySullivan - The most important question hasn't been asked yet.

Were these 14 & 17 year old girls hot?

and you're talking about a black so it's no shock he's on meth

 dont know about the 14 year old never saw her but the other girl was uber hot

Too bad he didn't have a decent lawyer.

Uber-hot = iron-clad defense.

17 year olds are great. They haven't been affected by nasty things like gravity and age yet. Their vaginas are barely broken in, so they still fit snug but you don't have to worry about them crying and bitching the whole time.

And the best part is that they're still stupid enough to believe whatever story you tell them to get them in bed.

Plus, they'll let you do fucked up stuff to them because kids these days have no shame.