Song you wish a fighter would walk out to?

Matt Brown - Fallen Heroes by Whiskeydick

After the Dimebag story it seems fitting. Phone Post 3.0

Real American Phone Post 3.0

Take this job and shove it

I'm thinking about sending Dana and the brothers fertita my bands album when it comes out. A dude can dream right? Phone Post 3.0

Small Town - John Mellancamp Phone Post 3.0

I Wild Each It - Take this job and shove it
Nate and or Nick? Phone Post 3.0

Careless Whisper

Ready steady go - Paul oakenfold Phone Post 3.0



Trick Daddy feat Trina - Jump on The Dick Phone Post 3.0

All the messican fighters come out to Vicente Fernandez.I wish they would come out to some Molotov or El Tri.that would be pretty cool.I say "puto" from Molotov or "El Metro Balders" from el tri are very fitting for UFC Mexico.



Definitely feel it's a Sass sub or Volkmann decision, agree there.

Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do when i come for you Phone Post 3.0

I'm all out of love by Air Supply. Phone Post 3.0

brody3316 - Real American Phone Post 3.0

Walked one of my fighters out to this song back in the day. was awesome, you could see half the crowd trying not to look like they were mouthing the words... Great entrance song.

This is one I heard today, and it would be cool for a good grudge fight (here is the embed code, blue please):


Truth by Brother Ali Phone Post 3.0

Rollins Band - Tearing - YouTube


Blue Please?

Metal gear solid 2 theme Phone Post 3.0