Sonnen able to re-apply in one week?

The last I heard, Chael Sonnen will be able to re-apply for his license on June 29th, one week from today. Does anyone know if he is planning to apply on the 29th? What are your thoughts and opinions, and if he gets re-instated, who would you like to see him fight?

Who cares. He couldn't even win when cheating and roided up against an injured Silva.

Jorge Santiago, Mark Munoz, or Brian Stann Phone Post

Sonnen vs Belford for No. Contender status Phone Post

He CAN re-apply. He WILL be denied...

Sonnen vs Palhares or Maia. Phone Post

I honestly think that the CSAC is embarrassed that they initially shortened his suspension to six months. I think they will keep delaying and fucking with his applications until the time that the original one year suspension would have been up, then they will let it go.

Nothing they are doing either way right now makes sense.

In 53 weeks iirc

 NO need to re-apply unless he has a fight schedualed in Cali, why go back?

Yyeeeeesssssssss Phone Post


Chael will be right back soon, via the daddy dana factor. The UFC puts on plenty of shows outside of vegas, and sonnen is a cash cow for the mothership. Personally i miss his antics, they are great... plus he fights his ass off. Get this man a license so he can mouth off and shake up the 185lb division.

Dear Chael, stay off the TRT it is bad for your future.

 no amount of p.e.d.'s will help his triangle defense.

So any new on this? Did he reapply?