Sonny Liston vs Dave Bailey HD[50FPS]///skillful stocking

how liston cuts him off
and just a little step back with a jab when needed
and then looks to find his range and when he does…good night


Cool vid

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I have Liston up there in the top 10 of my all-time best heavyweights. It’s amazing how many people underrate him based on the Ali fights. I think at his best he’d have KO’d a prime Tyson for example. He’d have been Tyson’s daddy in the ring or in the streets.


yes totally agreed
also many under rate liston as a boxer
they all just talk about how strong he was and the punching power etc

but miss how much skill he had

he was not shavers or wilder
he had top notch SKILL

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Absolutely. If fighters came to him like Cleveland Williams & Floyd Patterson he destroy them early ( twice each ) but there were plenty of other times he’d use his jab & outbox opponents while setting them up for the finish. He also thoroughly outboxed Eddie Machen en route to a lopsided decision.


he could out brawl the punchers and often outboxed
the boxers

plus that jab
is maybe the finest in history

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For sure. I would have loved to have seen what Liston would have been able to do if the WBA had allowed him into the 1968 elimination tournament. Sure, he was past it but he was still a bad man at that point.

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Sonny was mean and scary.


yes very good point
i can actually see him beating jimmy ellis even in that stage of his career

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